What is Intelligent CAD Design?

Our new intelligent CAD version allows our documents to be printed in either 36″ x 24″ paper for 1/4″ scale or printed half size for 1/8″ scale, and still be legible! This removes the need for a large format printer. This CAD version also allows us to use the architect’s original floor plan and border as a base CAD layer. The building’s energy model is invisibly embedded within the intelligent cad software allowing floor plan changes to be quickly corrected for a precise match.

New version 9 intelligent CAD software electronically links all five HVAC design modules together so that the project is a 3D CAD (4D if you include the time stamp associated with the smart figure layering) energy model constructed to exact scale along with each duct section, and duct fitting.

CAD design is the wave of the future that greatly increases productivity, accuracy, and the quality of the HVAC design. With today’s specialized CAD software, every HVAC design module and the associated calculations are data-linked to the exact scaled building energy model. So if a single window size is changed in just one room, a chain reaction of mathematical calculations will occur in every room served by the HVAC system. CAD energy modeling takes care of the changes with ease. Each of the five design manuals (J,S,D,T,ZR) change automatically as you update the CAD smart figure building envelope components.