HVAC Designs prides itself in the exemplary service that it provides to its clientele. The only HVAC design company in Florida providing FREE code compliant HVAC calculations and designs with each energy code calculation ordered. Anything short of a complete HVAC + Energy design would lack the accuracy required to meet the Florida Building Codes and HVAC industry ACCA design requirements.

HVAC Designs has become a beacon for those architects, contractors, and engineers who need a precise HVAC design service that provides code compliant designs and calculations. HVAC Designs owner, Neil Fimbel, has not only developed proprietary software, but he has amassed an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge and experience spanning a 40+ year career as an HVAC designer.

When your HVAC design needs to be precise, there simply isn’t a smarter choice.

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HVAC Designs, Inc. was created by Neil Fimbel to provide anyone a professional HVAC design service. Performing the 5 ACCA design manuals used to create a precise HVAC design. Permit-ready HVAC Intelligent Color CAD Drawings, HVAC calculations, HVAC specifications, and Florida energy calculations.  Neil is both owner and operator of HVAC Designs with a lifetime of HVAC design experience in the central Florida region performing calculations for more than 62,000 HVAC systems.

“I have worked directly for home owners, HVAC contractors, architects, and engineers acquiring vast amounts of experience in engineering, installation, cost estimation, sales, supervision, and software development. Clients today expect a complete HVAC + Energy design package based on intelligent CAD 3D energy modeling that exactly matches the building to be constructed, and most design packages are completed within just a few days”.


      40+ years of Architectural and Mechanical drafting + “Blueprint” reviews

      36+ years of HVAC system design, field survey, and cost estimation

       62,000 + HVAC designs since 1983

11 state certifications in energy / green building