You can rest assured that your design needs will be met by HVAC Designs.

Complete HVAC + ENERGY Design Package Includes:

  • Florida Energy Calculations (Residential, Commercial, and Public Buildings)
  • ACCA Adequate Exposure Diversity Calculations, prerequisite to Manual J 8th Edition V2.5
  • ACCA Manual J 8th Edition V2.5 Heat Load Calculations (Residential and Light Commercial)
  • ACCA Manual S HVAC Equipment Selection Procedure
  • ACCA Manual D Duct Pressure Loss Calculations
  • ACCA Manual T Room Air Device Selection Procedure
  • ACCA Manual ZR Residential Duct Zoning Design
  • HVAC Intelligent Color CAD Drawings PDF format

Project pricing is per HVAC system and per building level, with up to a 5 ton maximum equipment size.

HVAC Designs specifies heat pumps for residential, straight cool for commercial. No gas furnaces in Florida.

Ordering Examples (up to 3000 sq. ft. living):  single story home  with 1 hvac system = “Qty 1”.   Two story home with up to 2 hvac systems = “Qty 2”.

Provide architectural documents for buildings larger than 3000 sq. ft. living area per building level for custom pricing.

“AS-Built” design packages are available to match changes made during construction at standard price.

NOTE: HVAC Designs does not offer just heat load and energy calculations separate from a complete HVAC design because calculations based on partial effort are also based on several guesses.  If you are currently using a “designer” or “service” that does not perform a complete design package as listed above, be aware their partial design effort, also known as “calc’s only”, will lack accuracy.  Also be aware that these “calc’s only” providers are at a much higher price for less than a complete design package!  Many HVAC contractors and less than professional design services offer these expensive partial calculations that take just a few minutes to generate – but a complete accurate HVAC design package requires several hours of intelligent cad design to generate.  Don’t leave your work to chance – demand a complete HVAC and energy design package that includes the code required HVAC ACCA “best practice” design Manual’s J,S,ZR,T, and especially the ACCA Manual D scaled duct design.  A complete HVAC design effort ensures your building is code compliant and comfortable.  To view an example of  what a fake hvac design may look like see: “spotting the fake”


All HVAC + Energy design packages are COMPLETE and Florida code compliant.

Don’t leave your work to chance, order a design package today!

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