HVAC Designs is often called by industry professionals for consultation and advice. The level of detail and knowledge provided by HVAC Designs is second to none, and our custom-designed energy modeling software proves it.


When it comes to accuracy and quality, there is no other HVAC design company in Florida with more accreditation and professionalism than HVAC Designs. You cannot put a value on peace of mind.


When a builder or architect puts their trust in your HVAC design, it is important to understand that their clients are relying on you too!  HVAC Designs understands that satisfying the building owner is what cool & comfortable are all about.

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Get your copy of the HVAC Designs Work booklet. Contained within are some examples of the exemplary work that has been produced.


HVAC Design Practices

  • It’s important to understand that when the calculations are completed, the math will be completed to the most up-to-date State of Florida codes. Many times, companies will request that the calculation reflect an “impossible” math result to lessen the costs of the HVAC system. HVAC Designs will reject all such requests.

    It’s HVAC Design’s philosophy that when a client places an order, they expect the calculations to be thorough, complete, and correct. It’s for this reason that no corners are ever cut. Why? Because a calculation is based on real numbers and complex mathematical equations that have to match the specific building. Many HVAC contractors choose to take design shortcuts far short of a complete HVAC design, resulting in inaccurate results that never add up. So don’t leave your work to chance, HVAC designs provides complete HVAC and ENERGY designs.

  • You will immediately notice that HVAC Designs maintains a lower than average pricing structure compared to competitors. However, no other design company will provide a complete HVAC Design Package of higher quality than HVAC Designs. The secret to maintaining our low pricing is that all work is done on a pre-paid basis.

    HVAC Designs understands the importance of budgets and bottom lines. It’s for this reason that the work is correct every time. The value of quality isn’t necessarily related to pricing, but to HVAC Designs, you will consistently receive premium quality work at a lower cost.

  • For any project consultation, please call Neil Fimbel at (813) 885-2258 or Click here to send an email. A Project Information Form is provided to the client for each project, and is used to obtain the detailed building information required for a precise HVAC + Energy design. Be aware that if you are interested in petitioning the alteration of a Florida building code, or manipulation of  calculation results to skew an installation, HVAC Designs will reject such requests.