You can rest assured that your design needs will be met by HVAC Designs.

Complete HVAC + ENERGY Design Package Includes:

  • Florida Energy Calculations (Residential, Commercial, and Public Buildings)
  • Manual J 8th Edition / ACCA 183 Heat Load Calculations (Residential and Light Commercial)
  • Manual S HVAC Equipment Selection Procedure
  • Manual D Duct Pressure Loss Calculations
  • Manual T Room Air Device Selection Procedure
  • Manual ZR Residential Duct Zoning Design
  • HVAC Intelligent Color CAD Drawings PDF format

Project pricing is per HVAC system, with up to a 5 ton maximum equipment size.

HVAC Designs specifies heat pumps for residential, straight cool for commercial. No gas furnaces in Florida.

“AS-Built” design packages are available at 1/2 price.

Geometrically “Identical” Model home duplicates are available at 1/2 price.

Multi – Directional Designs Available displaying all 32 possible heat loads, great for Mirror and Flip floor plans

Hard Copy printing available – includes full size color cad drawings and energy forms


We don’t offer just heat load and energy calculations separate because calculations based on partial effort are also based on several guesses.  If you are currently using a “designer” or “service” that does not perform a complete design package as listed above, be aware their partial design effort, also known as “calc’s only”, will lack accuracy – we refer to these partial design packages as “FAKE” design packages.  Our current building codes require a complete design package – you may also notice that these fake “calc’s only” provided by others are at a much higher price! Many HVAC contractors and less than professional design services offer partial design packages that take just a few minutes to generate – but a complete design package requires several hours of intelligent cad design (per HVAC system) to generate.  Don’t leave your work to chance – demand a complete HVAC and energy design package that includes the code required hvac design Manual’s J,S,ZR,T, and especially the Manual D scaled duct design to ensure your building is both code compliant and comfortable.


All HVAC + Energy design packages are COMPLETE and Florida code compliant.

Don’t leave your work to chance, order a design package today!

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