Ordering the HVAC + ENERGY Design Service for your project is easy. Simply provide a full set of the permit ready architectural drawings in copyright-free PDF format. Documents can be e-mailed to CLICK HERE or the documents may be delivered to HVAC Designs. The building envelope component materials, building geometry, and site plan with address make up the minimum required items to create the hvac intelligent CAD energy model, perform the calculations, and provide the complete Design Package including the detailed code compliant HVAC drawings.  For a complete list of required items – See info form(s) below for your construction type, complete a form for each project and return via e mail — NOTE: you must download the form or kit to your computer prior to completion.

If some of the building envelope component materials are not known, or not selected prior to permit acquisition, HVAC Designs will perform the calculations and create the HVAC design based on Florida Energy Code Standard Reference Model Envelope Components.

Ideally it would be best to know exactly what building envelope components will be installed so that the HVAC design is fine tuned for your exact building. For best results download and complete the HVAC “INFO FORM” or “INFO KIT”. The building info form contains a full list of required data that makes up a precise HVAC design. For small additions that are served from an existing HVAC system, download and complete the “EXISTING RESIDENTIAL INFO KIT” or “EXISTING COMMERCIAL INFO KIT”.

A pre-design consultation may be scheduled for more involved projects. Contact Neil  Fimbel at (813) 885-2258.

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Residential HVAC + Energy Design

Light Commercial HVAC + Energy Design


For existing homes + small additions when no drawings are available.

<download prior to completion>

Information form NEW RESIDENTIAL

For new homes or large additions with dedicated HVAC.

<download prior to completion>


For interior renovations or change of occupancy.

<download prior to completion>

Information form NEW COMMERCIAL

For New commercial, shell, finished, and additions.

<download prior to completion>

HVAC Designs welcomes associate energycodeconsulting.com – providing complete hvac + energy designs ! 

6th edition codes begin 12/31/2017, effective until 2020

Rates listed below are per HVAC system – calculations performed just one time.

Add .5 rate for Manual ZR duct zoning, multiple thermostats on a single HVAC system (mandatory on multi-level).

“AS-Built” design packages are available at 1/2 price, to match changes made during construction.

Geometrically “Identical” Model home energy model duplicates are available at 1/2 price.

Current Delivery Time = fully booked this month – thanks everyone!   contact associate ECC listed above (residential)

Residential Permit Package$180 ea.
Commercial Permit Package$280 ea.